Come To The Hottest Destination In Europe

My name is Lena and I like to travel. When I travel I don’t like feeling a tourist. I prefer to mingle in, to try and live like a local. That is why I usually prefer AirBnb than staying in a hotel. And that is why I do not usually visit museums and other popular tourist attractions. I rather like going to places where locals go.

It’s not always easy, especially in places where they speak some unusual language. I speak English and some French, I feel comfortable with Spanish or Italian… And I’ve been learning Hungarian because I love the country and come back over and over again… But gosh, it’s an impossible language!

However, learning it helped my starting to understand how not easy it must be for a traveler coming to my home country. Russian and Ukrainian spoken here might be even more uncomfortable for a foreigner than Hungarian is for me. The visitors are not just unable to understand it when it’s spoken – even street signs must be not understandable for them because of Cyrillic…

And that is how the idea of the project emerged. Ukraine is cool and hospitable but not always easy to travel to. But if you are a traveler – not a tourist like me – I am here to help you! I know how to make your trip as enjoyable and affordable as it ever can be. I and my friends/colleagues will help you with everything you may ever need: starting from accommodation and transportation to tailored guided tours and unique tips. Discover the best of Ukraine with us!

Oh, and yeah, I’m not a professional in hospitality sector. I have a journalistic background, and now my specialization is Social Media Marketing. But I also used to be an interpreter, and I have some experience in organizing tours to Ukraine. So, I know how it works from both sides: as an organizer and as a traveler myself. But I mostly do it for love of the game – or love to Ukraine and with to share it with you.

Welcome to Ukraine – you’re gonna love it!

PS. Later on I'll introduce you my team on the page 🙂 But now you are can learn more about me on my Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Do not hesitate to contact me there if you have any question!