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Castle of Baron Rudolph Steingel

Quite often, Kyivans call the building at the beginning of Yaroslaviv Val Street the Baron's house. However, this is a mistake. In fact, Baron Rudolf Steingel and his family lived in the castle, which he purchased and rebuilt in the late 1870s. This manor house can still be seen on Bulvarno-Kudryavska Street. According to the […]
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Beautiful Zhytomyr region

You can see a lot of interesting things if you travel around the Zhytomyr region. It ranks 5th in terms of area among all regions of Ukraine and first in the country in terms of forest resources, estimated 750 thousand hectares. Zhytomyr region is the Motherland of our national currency, here the Central Rada passed […]
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10 interesting facts about VDNG

It was 64 years ago, July 6, 1958 when the Exhibition opened in Kyiv - VDNG. Nowadays it is the National Complex Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNG). Its architectural ensemble of the central part of the exhibition centre, and it includes 19 objects, has the status of a national monument. Fact 1 The complex was called […]
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Sights of Andriyivsky Descent

Andriyivsky Descent (Andriyivsky Uzviz) – an ancient Kyiv street, also called as Montmartre of Kyiv. Here, in the open air, you can buy paintings, jewelry, dishes, wooden items, clothes, medals, coins and souvenirs. As you stroll down the street, pay attention to many interesting things! One Street Museum has been in operation for over 30 […]
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TOP-8 Historical Objects to Visit in Kyiv

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the country, offers a variety of interesting and exciting places to see and to visit. 1. Golden Gates Golden Gates (Zoloti vorota) is another symbol of Kyiv a one of the most important architectural and historical monuments remaining from the […]
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Ukrainian Records: Trembita

Ukraine is a land of many record breaking phenomena. And one of them is trembita – a unique Carpathian wind instrument that is officially the longest in the world. Don’t be confused when you come to the Carpathians – the name may belong to numerous things and institutions. Like Lviv-based guitar making factory ‘Trembita’. Or […]
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