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Devil's Valley

A unique place on the map of Ukraine. It is located in the Mykolaiv region, has a length of 7 km. AKTOVSKY CANYON The canyon appeared as a result of the splitting of a large granite shield, therefore it is completely formed of volcanic rock (and 60 million years ago there was a sea in […]
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Mysterious caves of Ternopil region

Stone labyrinths in the Ternopil Region are deep, long and confusing. However, they look incredibly beautiful! MLYNKY The length of the cave is more than 53 km - it is the longest horizontal gypsum cave in Ukraine. The first report about it appeared in 1960. The walls of the cave are covered with gypsum crystals […]
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5 unique places of Ukraine

Nature is unsurpassed at any time of the year! ROCK TEMPLE The ancient Slavic cave temple arose in the first century AD. It was created in a natural fissure. In 1824, local landowner Romuald Ovsyanyi found rock paintings here. He built a covered veranda and held literary evenings. Rains and winds damaged the local monument […]
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Kyiv Zoo

The Kyiv Zoological Park was created on the initiative of teachers, doctors, public figures and professors of the University of St. Volodymyr and the Polytechnic Institute. The official date of its foundation was 21 March 1907, when it received a lease for an area to be located in the botanical garden of St. Volodymyr's University. […]
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Top 5 unique national parks of Ukraine

National natural parks of Ukraine are protected areas. There are 55 such parks in our country, and their total area of more than 11,000 km²! Shatsk National Park Many people know this park thanks to Shatsk lakes. The most famous of them is Svityaz. Others are no less beautiful - Lyutsemir, Pulemetskoye, Pesochnoe. In total […]
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Fomin Botanical Garden in Kyiv

On 22 May, 1839 the botanical garden of the University of Kyiv began its work. On this day the first plantings were made. It is the oldest botanical garden in the city and one of the oldest in Ukraine. On the area of 22.5 hectares there are over 10 thousand species of plants. More than […]
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Summer in Ukraine: TOP-7 Lakes To Refresh Your Mind And Body

Ukraine is notable for its glorious landscapes and gorgeous lakes in particular. There are over 20 thousand lakes in Ukraine widely scattered to the floodplains, sea gulfs and deep in the mountains. Here are 7 most beautiful genuine pearls of Ukrainian nature. 1. Synevir Lake Where: Synevirskaya Polyana, Transcarpathian Region Synevir is widely regarded as […]
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Exploring Chernobyl: 6 Must-see Locations of the Exclusion Zone

Chernobyl, a town nearby Kyiv is known infamously for the accident in the nearby nuclear power plant on 26 April 1986. Nowadays Chernobyl is visited by 60,000 tourists annually. Radiation from the accident remains around the site, making access severely restricted. A visit to the exclusion zone is a unique experience however, and offers an […]
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Another Amazing View: Salt Lakes

Ukrainian landscapes are extremely diverse and unique. Sometimes they look extraterrestrial — like these fields or lakes shot by the guys from the Ukraїner expedition.
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Kyiv Is Among the Greenest European Cities

Living in a capital or a big city is cool in many aspects: you get access to employment, better schooling, healthcare and cultural events. But there are many disadvantages, too — such as increased stress and noise, and lesser access to fresh air and nature. That is why urban centers with enough green spaces are […]
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