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Devil's Valley


A unique place on the map of Ukraine. It is located in the Mykolaiv region, has a length of 7 km.


The canyon appeared as a result of the splitting of a large granite shield, therefore it is completely formed of volcanic rock (and 60 million years ago there was a sea in this place). Aktovsk Canyon is part of the Buzky Gard National Park. This is the only complex of rocks and granite blocks of different sizes in the middle of the steppe in Europe. The height of the rocks reaches 40-50 meters.

According to its geological and landscape indicators, the Aktovsk Canyon is compared with its North American counterpart, the Grand Canyon.

The area of ​​the canyon is almost 250 hectares, more than 900 species of plants grow on this territory, 30 of which are listed in the Red Book. It is very surprising to see violets blooming on the slopes in winter!


The canyon is called the Devil's Valley, because it is shrouded in many legends. The Scythians prayed here to the gods, performed magical rituals, and buried their kings. According to another version, they released the dead bodies of the rulers down the river. Now this river is known to us under the name Mertvovod.

There is a theory that the Mervovod is the legendary river Exampei mentioned by Herodotus.


A striking location in the Devil's Valley is the white rocks. They appeared as a result of career development. Their composition is white clay, limestone and chalk.


The small Arbuzinka River flows into the Mertvovod, and near this place there is a protected tract of the Trikrat Forest. Kherson landowner Viktor Skarzhynsky planted it at the beginning of the 19th century. He brought many different seedlings - more than 200 varieties of fruit trees, as well as poplars, thuja, tulip trees, mimosa and cedar. By the way, the local oaks have the status of a monument.

Tracks were laid here, bridges and alleys appeared. It is thanks to the tangled alleys that part of the Trikrat Forest is called the Labyrinth.