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Kyiv Is Among the Greenest European Cities


Living in a capital or a big city is cool in many aspects: you get access to employment, better schooling, healthcare and cultural events. But there are many disadvantages, too — such as increased stress and noise, and lesser access to fresh air and nature. That is why urban centers with enough green spaces are so appreciated. And that is why it’s so good to know that the capital of Ukraine is among the greenest cities of Europe.

This was identified by Phillipp Gärtner, the urban and forestry researcher who used a method of processing satellite images and measuring their pixels to detect which cities are better for living from the ecological point of view. Gärtner has generated the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) for 43 of Europe’s capitals. The NDVI analyses remote sensing measurements to determine whether a target area contains live vegetation or not. For consistency, the area analyzed is a 5-mile radius circle around each city's official city center.

The results tend to be weighted towards the smaller capitals as they generally have less metropolitan area. Coastal cities feature on the low end of the scale due to the non-plantable area so Gärtner has compiled a list of both cities with a population of above two million and the greenest seaside capital.

Here are the rankings from most green to least green:

Sarajevo - 0.6778
Vaduz - 0.6738
Ljubljana - 0.6114
Andorra La Vella - 0.6074
Bern - 0.5996
Luxembourg - 0.5801
Vilnius - 0.5137
Tallin - 0.459
Monaco - 0.4395
Oslo - 0.4356
Riga - 0.4238
Zagreb - 0.4121
Bratislava - 0.4043
Chisinau - 0.3926
Kyiv - 0.3887
Stockholm - 0.3777
Helsinki - 0.3769
Prague - 0.3692
Warsaw - 0.3653
Pristina - 0.3535
Sofia - 0.3379
Skopje - 0.3105
Belgrade - 0.295
Dublin - 0.291
Tirana - 0.2793
Minsk - 0.2718
Copenhagen - 0.2637
Reykjavik - 0.2637
Berlin - 0.2519
Bucharest - 0.2519
Podgorica - 0.2363
Amsterdam - 0.2285
Brussels - 0.1973
Vienna - 0.1738
Rome - 0.1699
Madrid - 0.1543
Moscow - 0.1426
London - 0.1348
Lisbon - 0.127
Paris - 0.1191
Valetta - 0.0957
Athens - 0.0879

The full analysis can be found here.

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