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Mysterious caves of Ternopil region


Stone labyrinths in the Ternopil Region are deep, long and confusing. However, they look incredibly beautiful!


The length of the cave is more than 53 km - it is the longest horizontal gypsum cave in Ukraine. The first report about it appeared in 1960.

The walls of the cave are covered with gypsum crystals of various sizes, the color of which is white, yellow, black and red. The air temperature here ranges from 1 to 18° and depends on the season.

Chortkivskyi district


The only vertical cave in Podillya. It was  found it by accident when they were extracting limestone for building a house.

The name Pearl appeared when cave pearls were noticed here - balls of calcite with a diameter of 10-12 mm. There are also stalactites, stalagmites and other formations here.

Husyatynskyi district


The first mention of the cave appeared in the book "Natural History of the Kingdom of Poland", which was published in 1721. In 1908, the well-known public figure, sniper Klym Gutkovskyi took photographs here for the first time and drew up a topographical plan of the adjacent area.

A detailed study of the cave was carried out by speleologists only in 1961–1971, the investigated length was 23 km. The cave got its name thanks to the white, cream and pink-amber gypsum crystals on its walls.

Borshchivskyi district


A cave in which the only underground museum of Trypil culture operates in Ukraine. The first reliable written mention of it appeared in 1822. The length of underground passages is about 9 km.

Verteba stands out among other gypsum caves of Podillia due to its geological structure. It is also known for the fact that quite a large number of archaeological finds from the Eneolithic period (IV-III millennia BC) were discovered in it.

Borshchivskyi district


The cave entered the Guinness Book of Records! After all, it is the longest gypsum cave on Earth - the total length of its passages exceeds 250 kilometers. The veins lie at a depth of about 20-80 m from the surface.

The cave is constantly explored, more than 260 expeditions have already been conducted. There are several underground lakes here. One of them - Mikron - claims the title of the largest underground lake in Ukraine.

Borshchivskyi district