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Top 5 unique national parks of Ukraine


National natural parks of Ukraine are protected areas. There are 55 such parks in our country, and their total area of more than 11,000 km²!

Shatsk National Park

Many people know this park thanks to Shatsk lakes. The most famous of them is Svityaz. Others are no less beautiful - Lyutsemir, Pulemetskoye, Pesochnoe. In total there are over 20 lakes in the park, which are inhabited by fish.

There are pine forests and mixed forests where you can pick berries - blackberries, lingonberries, blueberries.

Volyn region, Shatsk district, village Svityaz

National Park Hutsulschyna

The park is famous for its mountains and forests. The highest mountain in the park is Gregit, 1472 meters. Mountaineers use it for their training. Most of the forests here are oak, but there are other trees too.

Ivano-Frankіvsk region, Kosiv

Carpathian National Park

The park is situated in the mountains. There are plenty of hiking routes of various lengths. The forest paths offer remarkable Carpathian landscapes.

Ivano-Frankіvsk region, Yaremche

National Park Podilski Tovtry

Green hills and limestone mountains - that is Tovtry. Once these mountains were reefs of Sarmatian Sea, which dried up. There is also a two-kilometer long karst cave called "Atlantis", and the Bakotsk Valley, which is called a place of strength. There is also delicious mineral water from local springs.

Khmelnitsky region, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Chemerovetsky and Gorodoksky districts

National Park Synevyr

The legendary lake Synevyr is located exactly here. It is the largest lake in Transcarpathia, the depth of which reaches 22 metres. There are also other beauty spots in the park: evergreen forests, crystal clear waterfalls, bogs Gluhana and Zamshatka, Negrovets and Strimba mountains.

Zakarpattya region, Mezhgirsky district, Synevirskaya Polyana village