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Kyiv Zoo


The Kyiv Zoological Park was created on the initiative of teachers, doctors, public figures and professors of the University of St. Volodymyr and the Polytechnic Institute. The official date of its foundation was 21 March 1907, when it received a lease for an area to be located in the botanical garden of St. Volodymyr's University. Сhest was erected at the entrance to the menagerie and thanks to donations, at the end of 1909 the collection had grown significantly - 115 species of vertebrates totalling 398 specimens.

From the very beginning, the Zoo was supported by donations from individuals and patrons. The collection was enlarged mainly by wild animals that were abandoned by their owners and by donations. The city authorities twice a year provided subsidies for the upkeep of the zoo, but the funds were still insufficient. In the spring of 1914, the zoo was relocated to a new, larger 23-hectare site. Ponds for waterfowl were dug in the ravines, and cages, aviaries and cells were built in the upper part of the territory.

However, the development of the zoo was disrupted by the First World War, and later by the Civil War. However, they managed to preserve the collection of animals. In five years the establishment became a property of the newly created state and was given a status of the Kyiv Zoological Park.

In the twenties of the last century the zoo started to flourish. The zoo territory was fenced, and premises for elephants and monkeys were built. The old enclosures were expanded; the veterinary hospital and pharmacy started their work.

During occupation of Kyiv in 1941-1943 almost all animals were taken away to Germany, and the zoo was destroyed. But the zoo was quickly repaired and opened again in April 1944. In the following decades the zoo was rebuilt, new ticket office premises, a pavilion for birds and primates were built.

The zoo continued to operate during the current war and now has many new animals. For example, from a private zoo in Yasnogorodka came 11 frightened little monkeys, the tigress Dalila was also rescued from a private zoo in Kharkiv. Meanwhile in the Kyiv zoo, two little bison, Varta and Viking, were born on 27 June.