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A Ukrainian Cafe Is Called The Best in Europe

Ukraine is famous for its delicious cuisine. But this time a restaurant from a Ukrainian town was given a prestigious European award not for its food but for a prominent design. This happened in London, Great Britain at a competition called Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. Its first place in the nomination 'European restaurants' went to […]
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15 Ukrainian Inventions That Changed the World

Ukraine is a land of inventors. Some of the names are well known worldwide (even though the world may not know that that are Ukrainians). Some will be new for you. Let’s go. 1. Helicopter The inventor of the helicopter is the Kyiv aircraft designer, who emigrated to the USA, Igor Sikorsky. In 1931, he […]
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10 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

1. It is the largest country in Europe Ukraine is the continent’s largest county at 603,628 square kilometers. France is next at 551,695 square kilometers. 2. It lies at the heart of Europe Within Ukraine there is the geographical center of Europe. Ok, a number of locations claim to the title and it depends on […]
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